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Hey, It's Sam

A long long long long long time ago, ok not that long (I’m only 25!) ago I was a wee little kid just starting out with junior football at my local club Beaconsfield…Like all kids I loved football and I used to come home after school with holes in my trousers and ripped shoes from diving and kicking way too much. (Kicking the football! lol) My mum probably hated it but hey, I enjoyed my time back then.

A few years on and my love for football grew and I was snapped up by QPR to play for their youth team. This is probably where my strict attitude comes from! No excuses! And has been with me ever since! My diet had to be pretty good and I was exercising every day, with little time for studies or ‘alone time’. I moved on from QPR to Southampton which meant my daily routine had to become even stricter, leaving straight from school to Southampton, doing my homework in the car and eating some healthy salad (So I couldn’t spill it anywhere in the car!) before I arrived for training. It was a hectic time but I learnt so much about myself and what I could achieve.


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    Lee Alberts
    Personal Trainer

    I was an extremely accident prone child and by the age of fourteen I was suffering from a lot of joint problems and muscular imbalances and my borderline eating disorder didn't help either.

    On the advice of my GP I started weightlifting, to build some strength. Within weeks I was absolutely addicted! So much so I fell In love with my newfound strength and fitness.

    At the age of seventeen in a dark and dingy night club in Ibiza,  I meet my better half emma.

    We have been joined at the hip since.

    In my early 20s while training, I was approached by the gym owner (a strength sports legend) who encouraged me to enter a local power lifting contest. Completely out of my depth and up against some truly talented individuals I finished in last place by some margin. This however didn't matter to me at all! I had the time of my life and lifted way more then I ever dreamed possible!!

    Over the next four years I improved tremendously.  Winning several Bench Press contests in the 125kg class and placing in the medals in the 'full' powerlifting category.

    Short arms, wide chest and a flexible spin made me a natural Bench Presser.

    In 2008, at the BIC Bournemouth, in front of one of the biggest crowds in British powerlifting history (and Sky Sports) I managed to win the British bench press championships. Beating two former record holders and three former champions. Twice that day I locked out the British record of 267.5 kgs only for it to be disallowed due to a technical issue.

    One of the biggest Bench Presses on the day and definitely the biggest smile as I took my medal home absolutely shattered.

    In 2009 I managed to legitimately Bench press the 267.5 record to squeeze into a very lucky third place at the GPC World Powerlifting Championship.

    By 2014 and years of handling silly, heavy weights they had taken it's toll on my already battered joints.

    At around about 21 stone I was finding being mobile more and more difficult...

    So I decided to drop some weight and work on my fitness.

    I started running.

    It was difficult to start.  I was battling knee and hip issues but I started slow and built things up very very gradually.

    With a lot of help and support from my better half, Emma, and some amazing friends I managed to drop six stone In body weight and get into the best shape of my life. I started entering distance running/cycling races and also obstacle races for a new challenge.

    So far I've had a amazing amount of fun running two dozen half marathons, six full marathons, one 100km ultra and scores of other fun races.


    My aim as a personal trainer is to support and encourage your fitness journey.

    I want to find your own personal goals, smash them and work on your secret goals you never believed you could achieve.  I aim to simplify everything as much as possible. To provide honest advice with as much empathy and fun as possible.

    Personally I believe with the right attitude, support and encouragement we can all do amazing things!

    • 07342947236
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    Kellie Blondel
    Support Ninja


    My name is kellie and my passion is all things admin, systems and support.

    I wanted to be a ballerina when I was a little girl and then I wanted to be a director. I wanted to be able to see a project from start to finish and watch the amazing final production live in front of me. As we age dreams change but I love that I have the opportunity to support people from the start of their health and fitness journey and see their incredible transformations right in front of my eyes. It is a privilege to be involved.

    I started Fitpro Assistant so that I could support Personal Trainers in giving the absolute best service that they possibly could to their clients. It is our collective job to give you THE BEST experience.

    I started my qualifications in counselling after completing my diploma in administration to ensure that I continued to give the gold standard in support that you deserve.

    Along with Sam and his amazing team I will support you and always have you back. You can contact me whenever you have a question or need some help, even if you just need someone to talk to.

    Speak soon


7 Fat Melting Workouts You Can Do Right Now (Regardless of ability)

7 Fat Melting Workouts You Can Do Right Now (Regardless of ability)

7 At Home Workouts
7 Fat Melting Workouts You Can Do Right Now (Regardless of ability)

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7 At Home Workouts

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