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Let’s get straight to the point.

Every keyboard warrior right now, or ketogenic veteran is urging you to join the ‘movement’. To change your allegiances from cake loving princess to carrot loving warlord (not too much carrot though – has carbs in it…)

But in all honesty, you have no frickin clue what a keto diet is, you’ve just been told you need to do it by some mate that’s lost 8kgs by cutting out the junk in their diet

So, over the next few mins that’s exactly what you’re gonna know.

How does it work and is it for me?

Let’s start by drawing a fancy pie chart

Not a real pie though, you won’t be able to eat them…

This signifies your daily intake

keto diet pie chart


And this is further broken down into the 3 macro nutrients.

Protein, Carbs and Fats

keto diet pie chart


All pretty balanced and you’re enjoying life.

Except one day, you realise you’ve put on a few pounds and you decide to take action.

Now, you think you’ve been eating ok – the same as normal but somewhere along the lines, you’ve messed up.

Accidentally, I might add.

And so you blame carbs…[everyone blames carbs]

“It’s that bread or that cake I had for my mums birthday”

no one got fat from a bad meal


Instead, it’s been a combination of things

Not exercising enough, not looking after your diet.

In the spirit of the pie chart, you’ve done this. Blown over your normal daily intake. You’ve gone from having 600 calories from each macronutrient to 800 calories (the red).

keto diet pie chart

Basically becoming complacent and letting your standards drop.

Understand it’s ok though. Not everyone is perfect.

So, what’s happened is that the scales have slightly changed.

You’ve gone from maintaining or losing weight to gaining weight. You effectively have an energy imbalance. You’re bringing in too many calories for what you’re putting out.

energy balance


Now, you’ve gone on the internet, or asked every expert on facebook and right now, the most obvious answer is


And so you think screw it, I will.

And here’s how it works.

Remember that nice pie chart above, the one with the protein, carbs and fats all balanced out, now think of it in terms of calories.

Just like this…

keto diet pie chart


Let’s say you’re meant to be eating 1800 calories a day, and at the moment you’ve split that evenly between protein, carbs and fats.

Using the above equation.

It looks like this

Protein 150g

Carbs 150g

Fats 67g

Now, here’s where the ketogenic diet is so magical…

You stop eating carbs

Or, like the pie chart says, you do this…

keto diet pie chart


And instead, you just get your food from protein and fats. Suddenly you’ve just dropped a whole lot of calories. You’ve gone from 1800 calories a day to 1200. In one (probably painful) day.

keto diet pie chart

Wow, so magical


And this has done wonders for your weight. You’ve now swung the pendulum and shifted your energy balance. You’re now burning more calories than you’re brining in and so the scales have turned, again.

energy balance

But you can do this a number of ways.

It doesn’t have to be through cutting carbs and using fat substrates as an energy source.

Forget the science for a second.

You just want to lose weight and feel better, right?

That doesn’t mean you can only have 50g of carbs MAX a day.

It’s too fricking complicated.

Can you imagine a life without cake, bread and potatoes?

No, and why would you?

You’re meant to enjoy life, not slog through it with one of the most advanced strategies ever.

keto and cake

So, make it easy for yourself. Don’t take drastic measures when all you need to do is tweak your diet a little.

Its worthless.

I couldn’t imagine going a year without eating bread, or blitzing through my daily banana, grapefruit and apple.

Can you?

The easiest way I’ve found, and one where I’ve noticed the most changes over a sustained period of time is through this

Remember, don’t overcomplicate it.

You want to lose 10 lbs and keep it off next year and the year after that.

With a keto diet can you honestly say you can do stick to it for the rest of your life?

If you can, by all means carry on but for 99% of the public, we can’t.

And the easiest way to get in shape and stay there for life is through being flexible.

~ Sam

P.S If this helps you, or anyone you know, please share it and show it some love.


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