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How Herbalife works and how you can achieve the EXACT same results for a fraction of the cost

Herbalife – the company that guarantees weight loss from the first day.

Jut like Juice Plus or Forever Living I might add..

If you’ve lost 20lbs on shakes, congrats, it weren’t hard.

Here’s how to do it for half the price


Breakfast – 1 Shake 250 calories

Snack – Herbalife Protein Bar 220 calories

Lunch – 1 Shake 250 calories

Snack – 1 apple, some pills – 70 calories

Dinner – Chicken and veg – 180 calories

Totals for the day – 970 calories

The cheaper, more real way

Breakfast – Skip it, you’re too busy

Snack – 1 Grenade Bar and an apple – 289

Lunch – Salmon Fillet, soy sauce, stir fry veg, basmati rice and a Coke Zero – 505 calories

Snack – Whey Protein, Oats, Frozen Mixed Fruit Smoothie with ice – 289 calories

Dinner – Steak, butter, cauliflower rice, a jacket potato and a small glass of wine – 632

Totals for the day – 1715

So instead of buying shakes, pills and add on supplements for £150/month (that you don’t actually need) + food on top, just buy the above late in the evening when deals are on or during the day.

Yeah it’s twice the amount of calories.

Did no one tell you that you can eat that much and STILL lose weight?

Ah of course not, because they’re trying to get a kick back…

Take your pick

Realise you want to get fit for life, it’s not about a kickstart or a boost. It’s about long term health and sustainability. Start applying that tactic now and you’ll win.

Think long term over short term.

Think habits over quick fixes.

Whatever you fancy.

Whenever you decide *real* food is the only way to go…

Just apply the same logic above

~ Sam

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