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What even is a detox?

By definition

a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification.

But is it really needed and is actually necessary?

Within the below video I outline my reasons and why I feel an approach that harbours the ‘long term game plan’ will far out way any quick fixes you may want…



It comes down to what you feel comfortable with.

Your body doesn’t have any special toxins it needs to flush out.

> Your liver is pretty good at doing that already FYI.

Detoxes don’t hold any special powers either. You haven’t lost weight just because you’ve had those shakes.

The calorie deficit has done that.

By creating a severe deficit you’re naturally going to lose and what you probably don’t realise is that you’re destroying your metabolism too.

Your metabolism will slow and once you run out of shakes / get bored and go back to your normal way of eating the weight will pile on.


And because that ‘detox’ worked last time (NB: Calorie deficit) you hit it up again, and go further and further into damaging your body.

Every time you detox, or go on a severe diet (fad diet) you’re slowing down your metabolism.

So the way of eating that was once maintaining your weight, is now making you put it on.


Especially when all you want to do is maintain your weight and not have to waste more money getting your weight down.

What would be a better option though, instead of a detox?


Eating in a way that suits your lifestyle and tastebuds.

Be flexible in your approach so you don’t feel like you’re restricting yourself or starving yourself for that matter.

Who’s watched Good Morning Britain recently?

They Compared fad diets?

They compared the Low Carb / High Protein Diet vs their own Fad Free GMB plan over a 28 day period.

Basically there’s is just flexible dieting.

Calorie restriction and eat what you want within your limits.

The low carb lady lost 5kg in total I believe BUT…

Hated every second of it.

There was no variety.

There was complete restriction

She binged.

And her mood levels didn’t change.

She wasn’t happier after the month.

In fact, straight after she spoke to the other lady on the GMB plan and copied her!

In the four weeks the GMB lady lost 2.7kg (I think)

But is 100% going to carry it on.

She says it’s easy.

Her family are all on it.

She’s not restricted.

She eats chocolate.

Has her wine when she wants.

She lost over 3kg of body fat and put on over a kg of muscle.

The diet most suitable for you is the one you can stick to that doesn’t feel like a diet.

One that allows for moderation and the occasional treat.

Don’t get caught up in all this marketing hype when real foods and listening to your heart is the answer.

Piers Morgan summed it up.

“The reason why these fad diets fail is because they’re not sustainable, people hate them and you restrict all your favourite foods”.

He’s on to something you know…

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